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Services - Our Traditions are

  • Quality: We strive to achieve Quality in everything we do and define Quality as customer satisfaction. We believe the Quality of the Food and Customer service to be our biggest asset and are the security of our business and its future.
  • Variety: Even with the diverse menu on offer, we believe our customers need choice & variety irrespective of the fixed price they pay. This is the most important aspect of our buffet concept. We ensure that the menus and ideas are refreshed .Our Chefs are continually inspired to innovate for the creation on new delicacies to delight the customers and spoil you with the choice of the cuisines.
  • Value: We are a family run business where customer satisfaction, innovation and employee satisfaction is as important as profit. We strive to provide the highest quality of food and service at competitive and affordable prices thus creating value for your money.
  • Authenticity: We use the finest ingredients from the Orient and yes our chefs are all trained in the Orient to offer you the authentic oriental cuisines all under one roof.

7 reasons to choose us !

  1. 1 Huge variety up to 50 dishes available.
  2. 2 Cuisine from China, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, India and Nepal.
  3. 3 We use only finest fresh Oriental ingredients
  4. 4 Our chefs are trained in the Orient to create authentic Oriental dishes
  5. 5 Ideal for a quick and healthy meal
  6. 6 Unrivalled value for money
  7. 7 Private parties and celebrations welcome.